Travelling the World

Maybe I could say, I always travelled the world, because as soon as I could walk, I explored my surroundings. My parents often were afraid, because they did not know where I was. I just could not stay at home all the time. In the beginning it was only to the grocery shop at the end of our street, later it was to a playground, where there were horses nearby. I had to show them for my little brother and for our friends! My trips became longer and longer – the town was soon to small for me, too. I was looking for more places – moved to another country, to a second and third one and I was always on my way. Moving and/or travelling all the time in one or another way.

Finally my dream has come true: I am travelling the world! So far I have been in New Zealand, most of the time hitchhiking. I visited the country for about three months, have seen breathtaking, overwhelming and stunning views. I have met a lot of people there: Kiwis, Maoris, backpackers and other tourists. Most of them have been very friendly.

From 21st February (2016) until 16th May (2016) I was in Australia. I was volunteering here. I started in Tasmania and I have met kind people here, too and others I do not really understand the way they are, but I try to understand the culture. I am hitchhiking here, too. So far it worked very well. From 21st March I was on the Mainland of Australia. People told me, it is not save to hitchhike on the Mainland. I did not do it for the long distances, but once for a shorter one. My hosts have been very different. Even with the best host I felt, that volunteering takes too much time. I am too restless, I will see more faster. Anyway I decided to go back to Australia at the end of my travel throughout Asia. I have seen less than 10% of the country so far.

I am travelling in Canada since 17th May (2016). I will see what this country has to offer me. I am sure, it will be overwhelming sometimes. Canada is the country I dreamed most about to see and I am very happy to be here. By the way I am allowed to stay for six month in this country.

I am independent and I will stay independent even as a traveller. I am on my way to see the “real” countries – not only the tourist areas. I will meet locals and learn of them. I like simple accommodations. I only need a bed for the night – not a whole room for my own. I eat local food as often as possible, I taste what I never have tasted before. I smell what I never have smelled before. I hear, what I never have heard before. I see, what I never have seen before, I experience what I never have experienced before and I feel, what I never have felt before. I am really happy about all these new impressions.



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