Dear reader,

I am very happy, that more and more are following my blog. Even travel writers are looking at it off and on. Anyway my blog(s) are not commercial, though I cannot update the space of it (them) for adding more photographs. Instead I will link to special folders on my Google account, fitting just the area, I have written about. That means e.g. I will have a link to a folder med photos from Noarlunga, one for Adelaide and one for Christies Beach as well etc. The page about the State of Victoria and its capital unfortunately has less photographs as the other areas, that depends simply on, that it was the last site I updated with photos. I apologise for that.

Sometimes I have just the shortenings for the Australian States, I have been. This can be confusing. Therefore you find the states with their names and shortenings as well as the places I have visited in the entire state below.

Tasmania – TAS – Hobart, Zoodoo Wildlife Park, Bruny Island, Penguin, Ulverston, Leven Canyon incl Kaydale Lodge Gardens, Burnie, Launceston, Cradle Mountain,
South Australia – SA – Noarlunga, Christies Beach, Adelaide, Bordertown, Naracorte, Mount Gambier, Naracorte Caves Nationalpark
Victoria – VIC – Woodend, Hanging Rock, Melbourne
Australian Capital Territory – ACT – Canberra
New South Wales – NSW – Muswellbrook, Tamworth, Warialda, Bingara, Cranky Rock, Moree, Ceramic Break Sculpture Park, Sydney

Last but not least I am no longer travelling “Down Under”, but I hope I can return. My fresh adventures you soon can read in my blog “Dorothee in North America/Canada“. Please give me some days to update it. I will announce on twitter respectively send personal emails, when it is done. As I told some of you before, how fast I can do it, depends on the Internet access. – I have a life outside my blog and could not fill it, if I would not have it 😉.

Enjoy as much as you can!


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