The Possible

Everything is possible! You just have to decide to do it!

Anyway I think there are some borders and I will find them – or find out, that there really are no borders.

I have to find out if:
It is possible to get hosts all over a country like New Zealand

It is possible to volunteer in the age of 60+ (allowance by the visa regulations provided)

It is possible to hitchhike in the age of 60+


Here are my answers:

It is possible to get hosts in the age of 60+,
– for New Zealand you cannot ask for a host 6 month in advance πŸ˜‰
– for New Zealand you really have to put in your request all you have read about the probably host, otherwise they do not believe, you read their profile carefully
– for New Zealand it is really hard to find hosts during their summer month, because of their holidays

It is possible to be a volunteer in Australia in the age of 60+
– I had very great hosts

It is possible, too, to be a volunteer in Canada in the age of 60+
– I already had hosts before starting and it was easy to find more πŸ™‚

It is also possible in the USA, to volunteer
– they actually asked me to come without me asking them first


I hoped it will help to get in contact with people by my self-designed t-shirts “Travelling the world” and “Travelling Around the World”, but it did not. Nonetheless hitchhiking was not a problem in New Zealand (it is the country for hitchhikers) and it was also possible in Australia. In North America I did not try to hitchhike, because I bought a car, but I was giving people a hitch.



There are areas in Canada you only can reach by a three-day canoeing. I will leave them out even I like to know as much as possible of the country and not only the cities or just the nature. I already learned of a Canadian friend, that my way to travel is very unusual. People are going to Vancouver for example to see a city and have nature around, but they do not travel so many miles like I will do, especially not overland.


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